Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Dear Me

I got the most bizarre letter in the post this morning (almost as bizarre as a pen-and-ink sketch someone sent to my agent once, with a suggestion that it was worth £10. It wasn't!).

It seems that Royal Holloway holds a student drama awards ceremony called the RHOSCARS every year, and this year they want me, " outstanding alumnus in the field of acting" to be guest of honour. They encourage me to " the event and promote and nurture young talent." Obviously I was on cloud nine about it, and swanked about all morning planning my speech of gentle encouragement and agonising about whether I should wear a square-cut bow tie or a butterfly.

And then I got over myself. There will many guests of honour, of course, and the support they mention I might supply will, I suspect, be fiscal! That said, I have fired off a cagey reply to accept and to try to discover exactly how many guests of honour there are likely to be. I hope it's less than fifty...

Friday, 19 December 2008

Happy Christmas from the Dineens!

She's a great little mover already!

Early Doors

I was at Jake's nativity play this morning. What a farce! The story had a vaguely familiar ring, but sadly they'd made no effort to place it in a modern context. I mean, there's a single mother who's not sure who the father is; there's a tax review going on; a housing shortage. Couldn't be more 2008!
For all that, the part of the innkeeper was played with verve and gusto, and there was some excellent skin work from one of the pigs. Jake's performance as one of the three sheep was a masterwork of subtle characterisation which overcame his lack of costume (which had been rejected by the actor at the last moment). Some last minute blocking changes, however, left several of the shepherds looking stranded, and there were just too many guiding stars to be strictly credible. On the whole, a charming spin on contemporary mores; a petite farce aimed more at the heart than the head. 4*

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


I forgot to mention, the director said he'd be in touch when they'd finished seeing people IN FOUR DAYS! Work must be thin on the ground.

Loose Lips

Sooooo......I'm at this casting for a short film at LFS the other day. I haven't done any film since early 2007 because of touring and all, so it'd be very good to get in front of a camera again. Anyway, a friend had suggested me for it and you know, it's going OK.
I'm doing some good impro with a female actor; nice and effortless, good flow, and my objective in the impro is to try to tell her I love her for the first time. Suddenly I hear myself saying " hold my heart in these tender hands, and I know you'll be careful with it."
WHAT! WHAT WAS THAT? Her face is like a poster for "The Agony and the Ecstasy".
I glance at the director and CD, but it's too late. They've heard me. I leave like my arse is on fire.