Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Long View

It's a mystery, how I managed to get a general casting for Jill Freud's Summer Rep company. Nothing to do with my agent, and I'm fairly sure they don't just work their way through Spotlight. They did Abigail's Party last year, though, and for a moment I delude myself that my portrayal of Laurence was so definitive that they somehow decided to see me because they heard about that. I then reject this as ludicrous...
It's a delightful surprise, though, to get a written invitation to audition, and as I chat languidly in the reception area of the London flat whilst eating a jaffa cake with tea I reflect that once upon a time, perhaps all auditions were civilised affairs like this.
The mystery is exploded when I walk in and Jill holds up my letter from February 2010. I must have just missed the general castings last year, but they troubled to hold on to my application for this year. I don't want to sound like an old fossil, but stuff like that restores your faith that there is a benevolent force in the galaxy.